At the top of the Dashboard, you can find your personal Mailody email address.

Use this email address to sign up to your own and your competitors’ emails. This will ensure that all emails will be visible and analyzed within the Mailody app.

Links in the Mailody Email Browser work, so if required, you can confirm double opt-in subscriptions through the Mailody Email Browser.

Likewise, you can unsubscribe yourself from emails through the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of most emails in the Email Browser.

(Open the Email Browser by opening an email at the bottom of any reports page.)

Note: It can take a few minutes until your email appears in Mailody. Please ensure your selected timeframe contains today's date or that you're on the Dashboard. 

Tip: Don’t stop with your competitors: you can also sign up to brands that inspire you, to gain insights into their strategies.

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