On the Dashboard, this report covers all of your companies over the last 30 days. In the Competitor Reports and Competitor Comparison you can choose your desired timeframe and companies for which you want to see the send distribution.

Select a month to see the daily distribution of all emails sent by your competition during that month. You can hover over individual data points to see the exact number of emails sent on any given day.

In the Competitor Comparison report you can also hide or show specific competitors by clicking on the corresponding data set above the chart.

How to use this data: Identify busy months, weeks and days in order to stay ahead of your competition. Understand when your competitors are increasing their email volume over specific holidays, sales periods and/or other relevant seasonal changes for your industry.
Then plan your activities before or after theirs in order to reach your customers when they aren’t receiving a large number of emails from your competition.

Alternatively, use this data to understand when your competition is increasing their activities, so you don’t miss out on sales periods and holidays, and can grab a slice of that cake!

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