On the Dashboard, this report covers all of your subscriptions over the last 30 days. In the Competitor Reports and Competitor Comparison you can choose your desired timeframe and companies for which you want to see the top subject line words.

How to use this data: Quickly understand the most frequently used subject line words among your competitors, and identify gaps and opportunities in your own subject line wording and themes.

The most frequently used words within subject lines often reflect a company’s branding. To find out how and where a company is positioning themselves, look out for the following:

  • Discounts & offers
  • Personalized words (e.g. frequent use of “you” or your name)

Example: If words such as “Sale”, “Discount”, “Save” or “Off” are amongst your competitors’ top 5 subject line words, you could consider promoting saving opportunities to your customers more frequently, in order to be more competitive.

Alternatively, you could decide to avoid keywords indicating discounts, to position yourself at a more high-end spectrum.

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Most frequent subject lines

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